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Artis Daugins

Artis is an ambitious businessman and the founder of "Blue Shock Race". Together with his team, Artis is working day by day on the implementation of innovative, bold and creative ideas in the field of electric karting and related technologies. In eight years "Blue Shock Race" has become the fastest vehicle of its kind in the world! He believes that the impossible is possible and one of the motto of life is to turn NO into YES. Artis has inexhaustible energy and the power to do good things. Artis acts as a representative of the renewable energy sector, always ready to engage in the general interest of society.

Gatis Ginters

Heads the Business Development Department of the Liepāja Special Economic Zone with the aim of providing support for the further development of existing investors in Liepāja, as well as attracting new business projects and investors to Liepāja. Gatis has received a acknowledgement from the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia for his contribution of promoting Norwegian-Latvian business relations. Gatis is a supporter of healthy lifestyle, loves sports and physical activities in nature, as well as wants to motivate and inspire the society to focus on active lifestyle and strengthening physical health. While living in Norway, he acquainted with an effective waste sorting system, which he also introduced in his daily life.

Laura Grundmane

Laura is the manager of the project "Development of the Innovation Center in Liepaja". She holds a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and is currently an active environmental enthusiast - participating in various campaigns and actions aimed at educating the society about environmental issues both locally and globally. Laura is one of the most energetic activists of the association "Radi Vidi Pats". She has introduced healthy and environmentally friendly habits in her daily life as well. On a daily basis, she encourages her peers often and to leads them into thinking about the true values of life. Laura is brave and ready to kayak alone in front of a cruise ship to protect the Mediterranean. Of course, Laura has lived in different countries and is ready to share her experiences in France, Norway, Italy and Cyprus.

Amanda Griniece

Amanda is currently finishing a master's degree in the Erasmus Mundus International Program on Circular Economics and Sustainability, studying in Austria and the Netherlands. At the same time, she has been involved in advising companies on strategic issues related to the implementation of the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. Previously, she graduated from the Climate-KIC course at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Amanda is an enthusiast of environmental sustainability and circular economy, her eyes sparkle when talking about it, she also follows an environmentally friendly lifestyle on a daily basis and lives in general harmony with nature, voting every day with her wallet and her choices about her values.

Beatrise Plēsniece

Beatrise works for information technology company SIA TestDevLab as an information system tester, ensuring that the iOS application meets the requirements of French telecommunications companies. She holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. Beatrise is interested in healthy eating and sports, and wants to inspire others to focus on good nutrition and physical activity with the latest information technology solutions and innovations.

Artūrs Plēsnieks

Artūrs has been a professional high-level weightlifter for 20 years. He has participated in both the London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympic Games. Artūrs owns Latvian records in weightlifting, as well as he has participated in numerous European and world level competitions and obtained high-quality and award-winning results. He also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle in society, especially among young people. Arthur also calls himself a supporter and activist of the "green" lifestyle.

Mārcis Veits

Mārcis is the founder of "Zero Pauna" store. The store was founded with the aim of reducing waste and taking care of environmental sustainability. The name of the store already tells us - it sells goods without packaging, as well as products that are environmentally friendly. Mārcis loves nature and therefore takes care of it by organizing voluntary clean-ups to clean up various natural objects. By planting trees, he is also involved in restoring natural resources. Mārcis also plans to educate young people about a waste-free lifestyle.

Agnese Niedola

Agnese has often been a bridge between Norway and Latvia. She has gained experience working with Latvian companies with roots in Norway and vice versa. Agnese's main occupation is the provision of accounting and tax consulting services to foreign entrepreneurs expanding their business in Latvia, as well as to Latvian entrepreneurs to operate abroad. And if that's not enough - Agnese is an ex-basketball player who also teaches her children to love sports, to be active and just good people!

Daira Bērtule

Daira creates stories at the Kurzeme Business Incubator and the Green and Smart Technologies Cluster and dresses them up in visual materials. She gained her knowledge while studying in Latvia, the Netherlands and Portugal, but the most valued lessons she gained are self-studying and experience while working in both the cultural and business sectors. Daira believes little things matter, so in the summer she will grow her own cucumbers and tomatoes, shorter distances will walk by foot, before going to the supermarket to buy new pants, will take a look at second-hand shops and at store, not only will she take cloth bags, but also will choose Latvian products.

Agnese Kajaka

Agnese is the main customer relationship manager at HansaMatrix AS Ventspils. Specializes in establishing B2B business relationships, maintaining customer relationships in the consumer and industrial electronics sectors. She has many years of experience in project management, including development and introduction of new products in production, as well as in the management of projects administered by EU funds. Agnese Kajaka is a supporter of a "green" lifestyle and is actively involved in various public projects related to environmental issues and a sustainable circular economy model in society.

Artūrs Butāns

Artūr's knowledge extends in a variety of areas - digital marketing, sales, human resource management, business etiquette, reputation and public image building, business start-up consulting. Acquired knowledge while studying across the ocean in the Australian city of Sydney. He is currently working as a project manager at the Kurzeme Business Incubator. Extremely polite and accurate in the treatment of others and the environment in which he lives.

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