What do we do?

Impact Hub Liepāja promotes a sustainable development of Latvian society and participation in innovative and creative initiatives, encouraging society as a whole and certain individuals to self-growth, entrepreneurship and sustainable thinking, with special emphasis on the elements of “green” thinking.
Impact Hub Liepāja organizes events for building competence, including experience evenings for entrepreneurs and practical project managers, personal development seminars, training in applicable skills with the aim of encouraging daring in society and expanding the network of contacts.

The community mainly addresses and works with the audience from the age of 15 (pupils) to the age of 30 (students, future entrepreneurs and specialists).

Our team

Salvis Roga

Promoting entrepreneurship and involvement activities, self-growth and business support services in Impact Hub Liepāja
📧 salvis.roga@impacthub.net

Edijs Brauners

Impact Hub Liepāja strategy development, resource planning and project management

📧 edijs.brauners@impacthub.net

Zane Feldmane

Member atraction of Impact Hub Liepāja, coordination of activities with an aim of raising public awareness, assistance in project management

Dana Liniņa

Impact Hub Liepāja community manager
📧 liepaja@impacthub.net

Mārcis Veits

Impact Hub Liepāja member atraction and community leadership

Daira Bērtule

Impact Hub Liepāja public relations management and social media administration
📧 daira.bertule@impacthub.net

Linda Roga

Impact Hub Liepāja project management and administration of rental of the premises
📧 linda.roga@impacthub.net


Promoting active citizenship

Promoting tolerance and understanding and uniting society

Increasing the responsibility and dignity of individuals

Analysis of social and political processes

Promoting cooperation between the society, the state and local governments

Representation of public interests

Promoting healthy lifestyles and sports activities

Developing national and international relations and projects


Networking and exchange of experience

Impact Hub Liepāja is both a physical and an abstract ecosystem, which brings together professionals, young entrepreneurs, pupils, students, residents, state and municipal representatives to create powerful, mutually beneficial and inspiring interactions. 

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Smart technologies and energy efficiency

Impact Hub Liepāja is a magnet for technological innovation and energy efficient solutions. The knowledge about green technologies and smart solutions is regularly transferred to various groups and companies in society through seminars, webinars and individual meetings.

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Education and support for new businesses and START-UPs

Impact Hub Liepāja is constantly working on the transfer of practical and theoretical knowledge between mentors with broad experience and new businesses. The community takes special responsibility to raise awareness, inspire and pass on new knowledge to young people.

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Sustainability and green thinking

Impact Hub Liepāja's sustainable development is the cornerstone of the communities daily work. By providing a collaborative environment, members, friends and partners can share practical solutions and individual views on economic, environmental and social sustainability issues.

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